Thunder and the Timberwolves this season
Spurs star Danny - Green in a green suit slowly walked out of the locker room, he ignored the player side of the channel fans signature request, but went straight to the back of the backboard bleachers. I quickly to keep up and found that not only Green alone, just smile to accept the end of a reporter interviewed Manu now sitting in the same area of ??the stands seat, holding a lunch box in one hand, his arms also hold a basketball and small Fans kind of chatting what. Until the Spurs out of public relations reminded him that it was time to leave on the bus Kael Mouillierat Jersey, he got up to quickly sign the name of the fans around, left the pitch.

Thunder and the Timberwolves this season, the first two encounters have failed, the team has just suffered three-game losing streak, losing to the league one after another team. Many people are still worried before the game that today's fans will have the enthusiasm to watch the game? It appears that this worry is superfluous Jaromir Jagr Jersey, and as usual, today's game attendance high, the fans warm-up from the start before the applause, after kick-off still stand watching the match until the home team score Daniel Sprong Jersey. When Adams finished the winning dunk, all the fans rose and danced. In the last five minutes, the fans basically stood and watched the game. They will not let you forget for a second that this is Oklahoma City. From the opening to the end of the game you will hear "OKC, OKC, OKC" lingering in your ears. In such a small city, there is such a group of enthusiastic, loyal and civilized fans have been supporting the Thunder team.

The new season, Indian City owner, lead the team in Toronto, chasing points, get the highest 36 points Mario Lemieux Jersey, plus 10 assists, but the team still defeated the Raptors 115-120. After the game, the visiting team locker room, most of the Pacers players are very quickly bathing and leaving. Oladipo sat in the towel for a long time until the last press and crew in the locker room got up and got into the shower room.
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I heard someone calling me behind
I heard someone calling me behind, turned and found that really Danny - Green is calling me. "Of course it's fine," I replied Kael Mouillierat Jersey. Green heard, they took their two relatives and friends happily walked to the edge of the court Tim Erixon Jersey. As Grizzlies' staff tried to stop them from taking photos of the court, Danny had to make a gesture of please with both hands folded Tom Sestito Jersey, and the staff had to wave and let me help them quickly to take a group photo.

I noticed that those who did not leave, waiting for the players to interact with each other on the floor, do not have a small chest with a card that says "visiting guest". One of Latino female fans who just talked to Manu in Spanish told me they are close friends of Brin Forbes, a Spurs second-year rookie, and the middle-aged bald uncle over there is a Forbes high school teammate father. "You trip is really a long way ah, tomorrow will return?" I asked them, "No, we have to stay here for a few days, rest well and then go.

Nets this season, wounded soldiers full camp Andrew Ebbett Jersey, in addition to the lack of Jeremy Lin and Russell two core point guards, Crabbe has been in three consecutive absences for back pain, Hollis - Jefferson missed the right ankle sprain for two consecutive games . The eagles are just as bad, with Diamond (injured left tibia), Muskala (ankle) recuperating while rookie John Collins will miss 2-3 weeks due to left shoulder injury.
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With the support of the fans
With the support of the fans, the players naturally will not lose confidence, but also lost after playing lost to magic, Wei Shao alone sitting on the bench refused to leave. "I'm responsible for everything that is happening now," Wei said after taking over the responsibility of a contest, "It all starts with me and we will reverse everything." Perhaps it is because Wei Less statement, the atmosphere of today's locker room is very good, Wei and George before the game after sitting in the locker room there are laughing.

In fact, Oladipo do not have to be too depressed, leaving the Thunder he has ushered in his own explosive season. The Thunder, with the Big Three, struggling in the west, while the Pacers looking to rebuild this season sit tight in the Eastern Conference playoffs. In the war with the Raptors, Oladip fully demonstrated his rich offensive tools, a variety of positions in the vote Nick Spaling Jersey, holding the ball within the basket, outside the third and so on.

Prior to that, Oladie had disclosed that the two were traded at the same time Rob Scuderi Jersey, coupled with the outside world generally praised the operation of the Thunder management Simon Despres Jersey, he was actually very hurt, that people are not needed. But luckily, at the start of the Pacers, MacMillan promised him that management decided to build on his core. Today Scott Harrington Jersey, all frustration and loss are worth it, Oladipo handed in a star on any team is the answer. "This whole process made me stronger, either as a player or as an average person," said Oladipo in an interview with Tencent.
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Rose has left the knight for a week
From Dirk Nowitzki's words can be heard in the current state of the Mavericks is very positive Beau Bennett Jersey, he talked about losing the Nets on Wednesday after the game, we have been watching the game video, and these days the training effect is very good , The whole interview process is very easy, joking myself that they can not be allowed to do so, always have a prospective time. Snow Connaught also expressed his confidence in the team and confidence in the bench Ian Cole Jersey, he rated the Mavericks bench is very talented, shooting and breakthrough are available in the bench Paul Martin Jersey, and the Clippers coach Rivers in the post-race A good team for the Mavericks bench performance, said a good team does not care whether the court is a bench player, as long as played well to make their own contribution should be to strengthen the team's defense, but unfortunately hit today Very bad.

Rose has left the knight for a week, and due to repeated injuries, he needs to look calmly at his career and does not rule out the possibility of making a decommissioning decision. Knight coach gave Rose respect enough, all in an interview expressed appreciation for Rose Larry Murphy Jersey, James today when asked about the issue of Rose, he expressed his attitude on behalf of the Cavaliers.

Celtics today at home 116-111 defeat the sun, made two straight, the record to 20 wins and 4 losses. As Marcus - Morris played well today, after the game, many people called for the Celtics to Morris into the starting line-up, this Stevens coach said no change for the time being, but Mo Reese's playing time will increase to 25-30 minutes. Carey - Owen praised Devon - Buk, bluntly, the latter is a killer.
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